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The award-winning contemporary Got 2 Sing Choir from the Midlands will be travelling to Yorkshire for their next annual UK tour.

They will be giving a free concert at Bradford Cathedral on Friday 15th March 2024 at 4pm, with a performance filled with fun, energy, and well-loved songs.

Got 2 Sing was established in September 2011 in Stourbridge by founder and creative director Beth Dunn. Starting with 96 members, the choir has now expanded to over 1000 members across the Midlands.

With 15 choirs coming together for this tour, join them for an afternoon of singing and dancing that will get you rocking!

See where the choir will be heading on their concert tour to Yorkshire:

Meadowhall, Sheffield - Friday 15th March at 12noon

Bradford Cathedral - Friday 15th March at 4pm

Parliament Street, York - Saturday 16th March at 10:45am

York Museum Gardens - Saturday 16th March at 12:30pm

Leeds Railway Station - Sunday 17th March at 11am

Leeds Minster - Sunday 17th March at 3pm


Bradford Cathedral
Bradford Cathedral Exterior

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