The creativity of 25 artists from across our region is on show in a new exhibition at The Bingley Gallery. Its Christmas Show is always something a bit special; a selection box for people to pick their favourites or try something new. Many of our regular exhibitors have prepared new work, some of the highlights of this year’s exhibitions have been brought back and space has been left for new artists whose work has caught the eye of the gallery’s director, David Starley during the year.

Among the new artists are Tracey Waddington. She draws exquisitely in graphite, pastel charcoal and often embellishes the final work with gold leaf. Her goddess series explore female beauty and power, whist the studies of ravens magnificently capture these characterful birds, bringing to mind their role in ancient mythology. Another artist with a particular talent for capturing the essence of animals is Fran Elliot of Silsden, who returned to art after working as a conservator of Egyptian Papyrus at The British Museum: Look out for her zebra that carefully watches the visitor. Quite different are the paintings of Judy Sale. An American by birth lived around the globe before putting down roots in Haworth. Her artwork is non-representational but is nevertheless often inspired by her travels and found objects collected from other cultures.

William Morrison is another artist who left his roots, in his case in Glasgow, to settle in Yorkshire where the landscapes inspire him to create gorgeous, Turneresque, visions. Not one to promote his achievements, he only reluctantly mentioned his recent first prize at the Calderdale Open Competition. Also celebrating local landscapes, Judith Levin’s heathery views have the power to transport the onlooker to the upland moors. Also using oils, three artists deserve special mention for works which, though small in scale, are masterfully painted: Louise Garrett, from Harden, has a couple of exquisite new views of the River Wharfe at  Bolton Abbey, Pam Bumby’s local subjects exude summer sunshine and Thornton resident, Dan Metcalfe, features cloudy skies. Whether the soft pillowy cumulus of a summer’s day, more patchy alto cumulus tinged with evening hues, or more leaden, blanketing cover, he is clearly attuned to the sky in its many changing moods.

Three artists are particularly associated with the venue: Bingley’s own Jane Fielder, the Gallery’s founder, returns with new original watercolours. Not unexpectedly, for those who know her work, these include a washing line or two. Amy Charlesworth has been painting for this show for much of the year, not least an array of robins, but landscapes also. Meanwhile current owner, David Starley has a selection of landscapes, many featuring trees, or the archaeology drawing from his previous career.

For those who like their art cheerful, several regular artists are happy to oblige. Former Bradford Grammar school art teacher, Josie Barraclough, often combines mixed media with her oils such as a study of Shelducks. A reminder of the coast is provided by Tony Dexter’s boat studies and Bonehead brings a more edgy feel with his laser cut and aerosol sprayed angels and ‘Born to Love’ Mother Marys.

That’s not the whole story. Embroidered works include Jade Marczynski’s hand stitched views which focus on traditional, independent businesses in the Bradford district. In contrast Sarah Lyte, of Wilsden, uses free machine embroidery over a wet-felted base to create vibrant, expressive work. Print makers include three artists from the ‘Inkers’ group: Janine Denby, June Russell and Paul Hudson. Combine this with a selection of contemporary ceramicists, glass workers and woodworkers and the rich seam of artistic talent of our region becomes apparent.

The exhibition runs from 16 November to 31 December with a preview on 15 November.


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The Bingley Gallery is a welcoming, artist-run, venue which exhibits, and sells, a wide range of art work from the region's talented artists.

The Bingley Gallery Christmas 2023 Exhibition
Art Exhibition
The Bingley Gallery Christmas 2023 Exhibition

The creativity of 25 artists from across our region is on show in a new exhibition at The Bingley Gallery.



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