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Taste:BD, Bradford’s new, flagship food and drink festival, is set to take place on  Saturday 29 and Sunday 30th April 2023 in City Park. The event will showcase the very best in Bradford businesses, accompanied by unique and exciting entertainment, suitable for the whole family. The two-day festival will turn the city’s centre into a lively celebration of local culture.

Organised by Bradford Council and Raven Staging -  the partnership that brought last year’s successful SUP festivals to Shipley and Bingley – Taste:BD promises to be big and bold. Visitors can expect a wide selection of delicious street food, high-end artisanal market stalls and a range of exceptional drink options, exhibiting Bradford’s most exciting businesses in one vibrant celebration. The festival will also feature a range of live entertainment - including the revival of some stunning large-scale artworks from Bradford’s proud festival past.

Following on from the success of last year’s SUP festivals, we’re very excited to be scaling up and bringing our signature vibrancy to the centre of Bradford.” said Eddie Kean - event manager for Taste:BD/Director of Raven Staging. “The city of Bradford perhaps expresses its cultural diversity best through its amazing food and drink options and we can’t wait to bring the very best of these into one space at Taste:BD. We relish the opportunity to help establish Bradford as a world class destination for foodies and revellers alike. Our aim is to deliver a genuinely joyful event, whilst lifting our district’s success stories onto the pedestals they deserve. We look forward to celebrating with you.”

Taste:BD is designed as a truly inclusive event for the entire Bradford community. The festival is expected to draw thousands of visitors to the city centre, offering a broad boost to the local economy, beyond the confines of the festival sites.

Cllr Sarah Ferriby, Bradford Council’s Executive Member for Healthy People and Places, said: “I am delighted that we have been able to support an event which will celebrate the very best of food, drink and entertainment. There will be something on offer for all ages and I hope everyone takes the opportunity to come to the city centre for the first outdoor festival of the year.

Taste:BD is just the latest addition to Bradford Council’s ever growing calendar of events, taking place across the district this year. Details about the vendors, site maps, and other exciting announcements will be released in the coming weeks.

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Food / Drink Festival

Taste:BD, Bradford’s new, flagship food and drink festival, is set to take place on Saturday 29 April  and Sunday 30th April 23 in the heart of Bradford.



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