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To commemorate Congo Week and Black History Month, CRC (Conflict Resolution Centre) Bradford is hosting a Prayer Vigil for peace in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The event will include a short film screening from Bradford Cathedral's Ecumenical Canon Furaha Mussanzi - following her recent trip back to her hometown Bunia (Eastern DRC) for the first time in 20 years, plus a live Congolese choir, and prayer for peace and justice. There will also be refreshments available, including Congolese doughnuts.

All are welcome to the ‘Interfaith Prayer for Peace in Congo’: it is open to anyone in the local community, from all walks of life and faith and non-faith backgrounds seeking to find out more about the current situation in Congo through the lens of a Bradford based British-Congolese resident.

The event will highlight themes such as belonging, identity and trauma healing.

Canon Furaha Mussanzi says:

This is an important event to me as my family and I arrived in the UK as refugees fleeing the Congo war exactly 20 years ago this week. We wanted to organise an event as part of Congo Week and Black History Month that commemorated the many lives lost over the years, many who have been forgotten and sadly the media does not talk about but also create space to pray for peace and justice to reign.

This event will bring people from all faiths and backgrounds together to show a sense of solidarity in our city of sanctuary Bradford, many of whom have restored our faith in humanity and helped us to heal from past traumas.

For more information – and to book your free places – please visit, or you can just turn up on the day.


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