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The hilarious and heart-warming Mum's The Word, written by Linda A Carson, Jill Daum, Alison Kelly, Robin Nichol, Barbara Pollard and Deborah Williams, comes to St George's Hall, Bradford on Monday 10 October.

This witty and entertaining show stars EastEnders’ GEMMA BISSIX, comic actress SARAH DEARLOVE from Housewives on Holiday and the hugely talented AMY AMBROSE.

A rollercoaster comedy, Mum's The Word is a series of sketches navigating the trials, tribulations and ultimate joys of motherhood. Three mums share stories too embarrassing and too personal to tell even their closest friends. Based on experiences all mothers share, this is group therapy like never before!

Mum’s The Word includes all the stuff nobody tells you about parenthood…until it’s too late. Whether it’s leaving the house without your bra, crying in the supermarket aisles for no reason, or secretly thinking you had given birth to E.T. You won’t feel alone when listening to these women portray the “beauty” of bringing new life into the world…or forgetting where they left it. A seriously funny evening, no subject is taboo or thought too private. What these women can’t teach you about motherhood isn’t worth knowing. For all the men who want to know what women want - please take your seats!

Producer Anna Anikeyeva says; “As a Mum-to-be, this show has me both splitting at the sides and overwhelmed with emotion, it is everything I didn’t know me and my friends needed.

St George's Hall, Bradford

Monday 10 October 2022, 7.30pm

Tickets £28.50 - £23.50

Call the Box Office on 01274 432000 or visit

All prices shown include booking fees but are subject to postage charge if applicable. Bradford Theatres’ usual terms and conditions apply.


St George's Hall
St George's Hall Exterior View

The Victorian built St George's Hall is home to a wide range of entertainment bringing the cream of touring music, comedy and variety to the region.



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