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1st October 2022, 11am - 4pm, City Library & Bradford 2025 Hub

'After-Party' 6.00pm onwards at the 1 in 12 Club

Admission is free!

Relax. Smell the ink, feel the texture and hear the rustle of paper. This is the real world and we are celebrating it in Bradford’s very own Zine Fair.

’What is a zine?’ I hear you ask. Well, it can be a book or a magazine or a work of art produced by groups and individuals. The word ‘zine’ is short for ‘fanzine’ - a cheaply produced publication often about music of the 70s.

“Bradford has a long history of doing it ourselves - often from necessity (the Mother of all Invention).  We are unique - and the Zine Fair celebrates this in a spirit of homemade fun.” said Mike Barrett, co-organiser of the Fair.

Discover an open, friendly subculture lurking just below the surface as it creeps furtively into the daylight.

Zine culture is very diverse - from fans of obscure bands to mental health issues, from poems to pets, from politics to children’s stories, from an obsession with drawing to drawing on our obsessions.” said Munaza Kulsoom co-organiser.

This year’s Zine Fair will be in Bradford City Library on the accessible first floor and in the Bradford 2025 hub on the level with City Park. There is also the Impressions Gallery bookshop to explore next door which adjoins the Library.

Enjoy a feast of international publishers, book stalls, talks, book launches and more - both online and in-person. Zines & prints on offer explore themes covering Identity, queerness, fine art Furby, hostile architecture, Nature, photography& fungi and women in film to name but a few!

The City Library, Impressions Gallery & Bradford2025 Hub is a large well ventilated space and is fully accessible for wheelchair users

There will be around 30 stalls to explore plus workshops where you can draw and make your own zines plus talks by knowledgeable people from the zine scene.

There will be vegetarian/vegan refreshments on offer to buy by local business Gujarati Kitchen.

The Bradford Zine fair will be open from 11am till 4pm.

Admission is free.


12.30 - 1.15pm - Representation: Zine World vs. Art World’ - A discussion with artist Hamja Ahsan

1.45pm - 2.30pm - ‘Brave New Artist World’ – Challenges facing creatives today Talk with Theresa Easton of ArtistUnion England (AUE)

'After-Party' - 6pm - 11pm

Come along to relax and chat at the 1in12 Club [BD1 2LY] Owned and run by its membership as a collective based upon anarchist principles.




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    A discussion with artist Hamja Ahsan
  3. Elliott Schuppe
    Very nice! For my lecture, I wrote about those locations, and was a huge assistance.

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