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Adore a Romantic Time in Haworth

The Brontë Sisters Statue

Haworth is a captivating destination that is perfect for a romantic getaway. It inspired such literary characters like Mr. Rochester and Heathcliff. With its stunning scenery and historic streets, it's a great choice for a weekend retreat or anniversary celebration to create lasting memories together.


Plan your visit to this charming village. There are many accommodation options in Haworth and Brontë Country. Hotels, guesthouses and B&Bs offer a more traditional experience, while holiday lodges and serviced apartments are ideal for those seeking independence.


Go for a Hike

Discover the beautiful and sometimes blustery landscapes described in Emily Brontë's famous novel Wuthering Heights on the Brontë Connections walk across the moors to Top Withens believed to have influenced the depiction of the Earnshaws House.  Additionally, a visit to the Brontë Waterfalls is recommended, where you can see the rock shaped like a chair where Emily Brontë supposedly sat and found inspiration.

Discover Interesting Places

To truly immerse yourselves in the romantic ambience of Haworth, embark on a leisurely stroll along the famous Main Street. Hand in hand, you can explore the charming shops filled with unique treasures, from vintage bookstores to pretty boutiques, where you can find the perfect memento.

For a truly unforgettable experience, venture up the cobbled street to the amazing Brontë Parsonage Museum, the former home of the famous Brontë family. Here, you can delve into the lives and works of the literary legends, Charlotte, Emily, and Anne Brontë, and gain insight into the inspiration behind their timeless novels. As you explore the various rooms and exhibitions, you can't help but feel a sense of awe and admiration for these remarkable women and their remarkable stories. 

Come and enjoy the enchanting and romantic experience of riding on the scenic Keighley & Worth Valley Railway, where the rhythmic chugging of the steam train will transport you to a bygone era.

Find Something Tasty

After enjoying the rich heritage of the Brontë sisters, it's time to cosy up in one of Haworth's charming pubs and enjoy a pint of locally brewed beer. To complete your experience, treat your taste buds to traditional British cuisine, prepared with love and reflect on the wonders you have discovered throughout the day.

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Product Information

  1. The Brontë Connection


    A walk linking three important sites associated with “Wuthering Heights” around Stanbury.

  2. Haworth Village


    Haworth is a small village located in the Pennine hills of West Yorkshire, England. It is most famous for being the home of the Brontë sisters and is a popular destination to visit. Haworth has a lot to offer with its cobbled streets, quaint pubs, and the Brontë Parsonage Museum.

  3. Bronte Parsonage Museum


    The Brontës are the world's most famous literary family and Haworth Parsonage was their home from 1820 to 1861. Charlotte, Emily and Anne Brontë were the authors of some of the best loved books in the English language.

  4. Keighley and Worth Valley Railway


    The Keighley & Worth Valley Railway is a heritage railway that was reopened in 1968 and runs from Keighley to Oxenhope through beautiful Brontë country. Board our steam train and enjoy the sound of the engine climbing the steep sides of the valley, while great clouds of steam and smoke add drama to…

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The Brontë Connection (53.82912,-1.99293)Haworth Village (53.83009,-1.95394)2.31
Haworth Village (53.83009,-1.95394)Bronte Parsonage Museum (53.83106,-1.95741)0.23
Bronte Parsonage Museum (53.83106,-1.95741)Keighley and Worth Valley Railway (53.831,-1.9487)0.52
Total Distance *3.05 miles
Estimated Journey Time6 minutes

* Approximate distance by road

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