Bradford City Centre Heritage Trail






A self-guided walk around Bradford's historic city centre.

Walk Waypoints

  1. 1 Start the route in City Park.
  2. 2 Walk down to the Magistrates Court.
  3. 3 Turn right and head towards the A1861.
  4. 4 Turn left and follow the road to the crossing in front on the National Science and Media Museum.
  5. 5 Cross the road and head up to the museum.
  6. 6 You will also see the statue of JB Priestley behind you.
  7. 7 Turn left from the statue and cross Little Horton road towards the Alhambra Theatre to reach the Queen Victoria statue,
  8. 8 Head down in front of the Bradford Live and cross the road towards City Park.
  9. 9 Head through City Park past the Impressions Gallery and turn left onto Millergate to find the entrance to Sunbridgewells.
  10. 10 Return to City Park and head over to City Hall.
  11. 11 Put City Hall behind you and move through Centenary Square crossing over Bridge Street.
  12. 12 Follow Sunbridge road up the hill to reach Sunwin House
  13. 13 Cross the road to your right and head down Kirkgate road to the junction with Ivegate and Westgate.
  14. 14 Turn left and head up Westgate until you reach the Highpoint Building at the junction with John Street.
  15. 15 Turn right onto John Street and continue until you reach the junction with Darley Street and North Parade.
  16. 16 Turn up North Parade and follow it until you reach the A1681.
  17. 17 Turn left and walk a short distance to reach the mosque,
  18. 18 Head back the way you came but go past North Parade and go down Manor Row,
  19. 19 Follow the road down and then turn right when you reach Upper Piccadilly.
  20. 20 Walk along the road then turn left onto Darley Street.
  21. 21 Follow Darley Street until it joins Kirkgate then turn left.
  22. 22 Cross the road and turn left up Hustlergate past the Wool Exchange.
  23. 23 Turn left and follow Bank Street down until you reach the A1861
  24. 24 Turn right and follow the road until you pass St George's Hall then turn left up the hill.
  25. 25 Turn left to pass between St George's Hall and the Great VIctoria Hotel.
  26. 26 Turn right and head past the court house to reach Vicar Lane.
  27. 27 Follow it left until you reach and cross the A6181 into Little Germany.
  28. 28 Continue on Vicar lane and take the first left. Continue heading in this direction until you reach Church Bank.
  29. 29 Cross over and enter the grounds of the Cathedral to conclude the walk.

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