The 2014 Curry Capital Team



Bradford has continued to evolve since the first immigrants came to the city when it was the textile capital of the world. Bradford is home rich cultural communities which have brought their food heritage with them. Thanks to this the city is now proud to be an award winning city and home to award winning restaurants.

Bradford was first involved in the Curry Capital of Britain in 2004 and we continue to strive to be known as the Curry Capital of Britain. Bradford has held the title of Curry Capital of Britain four times but we are the only city to have retained it three years in a row.  We are working hard in 2014 to keep the title for another year and we are doing this with our fabulous team nominated by the residents of Bradford district.

For 2014  the team is:

Aakash is the self-proclaimed largest Indian restaurant in the world and was part of the original winning team in 2004.

Kipling's has received numerous accolades and awards since opening and was also part of the original team in 2004.

Shimla Spice has has been part of the Curry Capital Team for the last 4 years and was voted the Best Indian Restaurant in England at the 2013 English Curry Awards.

Zaara's has been listed in the Michelin Food Guide since 2010 and is a keen newcomer to the Curry Capital Team.

There will be an exciting bid presented to the judges at the end of September and a number of events taking place to support our bid to win.

Hopefully Bradford will be successful again as we are also home to the World Curry Festival.  Bradford also has numerous other reasons why we should win!

The city is also proud to have won ‘Curry Lover of the Year’ in 2011 and 2012 at the English Curry Awards.

In 2012 Restaurant of the Year was awarded to Kipling’s and Curry King of the Year to Akbar’s.

In 2013 Akbar’s was awarded Best Marketing Campaign

In 2013 Yorkshire Restaurant of the Year awarded to Shimla Spice.

So what can you do to make sure we win again?


Email -

Tweet - @supportcurry I vote for Bradford to be Curry Capital #bfdcurry

Or call into Bradford Visitor Information Centre and complete a form.

Trip Advisor

If you have visited one of the teams restaurants recently; please put a review on Trip advisor.  These are taken into consideration and will influence the final decision.