The City Beyond The Screen

Welcome to Bradford, the world's first UNESCO City of Film. Recognised as the first of its kind in 2009, there are still only 17 other Cities of Film including the likes of Bristol, Rome and Yamagata!

Why Bradford? The city was recognised as a world centre for film for a variety of reasons such as the fantastic and inspirational locations across the district which have featured in many films and TV shows and the great work done  the National Science and Media Museum which still hosts the UK's first IMAX screen!

Amazing Every Generation

Opening in 1983, the National Museum of Photography, Film and Television, now the National Science and Media Museum, brought with it a striking building in which the museum is still housed. It also brought with it the first IMAX screen to be found in the UK making a trip there even more amazing. Today the museum continues it's remit to 'explore the science and culture of light and sound technologies and their impact on our lives'.
Where better to have a museum such as this than in a City of Film?
With the exception of the Pictureville, IMAX and Cubby Broccoli cinema's, the museum is free to enter. This gives you full access to the seven permanent galleries and exhibitions as well as any limited exhibits making it a fantastic destination for people of all ages to come and learn about the magic of film and media. The museum also hosts fantastic events like the Widescreen Weekend film festival and the Bradford Science Festival!

Location, Location, Location - Visit Bradford

If you want to do a film pilgrimage in the Bradford district then you’ll have a fantastic array of places to pick from. Below are just a few of the key locations where some of your favourites were filmed!
The Ilkley Moors are stunning, offering fantastic walking routes and stunning veiws that will enthrall any cinematographer!
This location has been used for so many productions you’ll be spoilt for choice as to which one you like best. Please don’t try and flag down the trains though – buy your tickets at the station and get a ride like the other passengers!
Far from spooky the historic cemetery is quite beautiful and atmospheric. There are also regular guided walks and tours to show you some of the amazing details there are to uncover.
Located in City Hall right next to City Park and minutes from the National Science and Media Museum the museum is full of paraphernalia from policing history and the keepers will be happy to lock you in the cells used in Peaky Blinders!
Sports fans will get a chance to watch the Bradford Bulls kick off if they time their visit right whilst fans of The King’s Speech can imitate the monarch and deliver a grand address safe in the knowledge that the noise of the crowd will save them from any embarrassment!

And So Much More!

You can also check out the City of Film and Bradford Film Heritage websites for even more ideas and information!