Salts Mill and David Hockney

Some Saltaire History

Saltaire is a perfect example of a Victorian village. Sir Titus Salt built the grand textile mill in 1853, which in its time employed over 3000 workers. Within the village he also built churches, schools and houses for the workforce, which still remain for visitors to see today.  Titus Salt chose Saltaire as he was determined to escape the polluted and overcrowded town centre for the benfit of his workforce.


The Mill was purchased in 1987 and was transformed into Salts Mill. The mill is now home to the 1853 Gallery and one of the largest collections of art by David Hockney, as well as a selection of shops and restaurants.


Saltaire was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2001. The whole area is of architectural and historical interest and further changes have been made with extensive restoration of Roberts Park.

Salts Mill

Inside Salts Mill

1853 Gallery David Hockney

Salts Mill is home to one of the largest collections of David Hockney's art. On the ground floor you will find the 1853 Gallery which houses a permanent exhibition of works by David Hockney.


Gallery 2 and the Saltaire Exhibition
On the second floor beyond Salt Book and Poster Shop is Gallery 2 and the Saltaire Exhibition. Gallery 2 has a collection of work by Henry Marvell Carr R.A entitled "The Textile Process" and Simon Palmer's collection of Saltaire paintings and drawings. At the rear of the gallery is the Saltaire Exhibition which is a fascinating exhibition which explores Saltaire's history from 1853 to the present day.


If you enjoy shopping then take time to explore the many independent shops in the mill which include everything from bikes to antiques. Stroll around the Salt Book and Poster shop and browse in The Home a luxury home ware and furniture shop.


Cafes and Restaurants
A popular choice with locals and visitors alike is Salts Diner, found on the second floor. If you just fancy a coffee visit The Espresso Bar (go through the Diner and turn left). On the third floor is Salts Mill's excellent fish restaurant, Café in the Opera (open Wed - Sun 10am - 5pm).