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Ilkley Moor

Ilkley is famous for Ilkley Moor and Yorkshire's official anthem the folk song On Ilkla' Moor Baht ‘at. There are many ways to enjoy the moor from outdoor sports, to exploring the moor's archaeological sites to the guided walks that happen throughout the year.

The most important group of archaeological sites to be found on Ilkley Moor are carved rocks, also known as cup & ring marked rocks. These date from the Bronze Age (4500 to 2700 years ago) and they are part of a much larger and internationally famous group to be found all across Rombalds Moor.

But it's not just carved rocks from pre-historic times that can be found on the moor. Simon Armitage has writen a sequence of poems, which have been carved into stones that are set in place along a permanent "Poetry Trail" called the Stanza Stones Poetry Trail extending from Armitage's birthplace, Marsden, to Ilkley.


Swastika Stone Ilkley Moor - Image Colin Williams

There are many pre-historic carved rocks (cup and ring marked rocks) on Ilkley Moor.



Merlin - Photographer Andrew Ramsay

Ilkley has a variety of flora and fauna. Find out more about what nature you can see on Ilkley Moor.



Rocky valley ilkley moor - Image Barry Wilkinson

Learn more about Ilkley Moor's geology and know what to look for when on the moor.


Ilkley Moor Walks

Cow and Calf rocks Ilkley Moor

Download one of our self-guided Ilkley Moor walking routes. Ilkley is a Walkers are Welcome town!



walking event

Enjoy guided walks or visit for the Stanza Stones event a wonderful midsummer celebration.


Stanza Stones Poetry Trail

Stanza stones - Simon Armitage - Image imove

The poetry trail is a series of poems carved into stones in various locations from Marsden to Ilkley.


White Wells

White Wells

White Wells was a spa in Victorian times and you can still use the plunge pool on New Year's Day!  Cafe open when flags flying.


On Ilkla' Moor Baht 'at

Ilkley Moor

Find out more about Yorkshire's official anthem, the folk song On Ilkla' Moor Baht 'at and why its so important to Yorkshire.


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